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A new generation of deliveries – the cara310 and sima216 – were presented for the first time at drupa. Both deliveries streamline mailing in the envelope/mailing delivery sector significantly


In 2008, palamides starts their most successful year so far with approx. 70 employees. Special attention is paid at this time to the development and design department so that the design of new developments as well as the maintenance and updating of the existing range of deliveries is expedited swiftly.


In the autumn of this year, palamides, together with their partners MBO, H&H, Ehret and Bograma, host the “Think Tank”. This show puts innovative ideas and developments into perspective. In exchanges with users and specialists, visions are deepened and their practical implementation is discussed. Visitors from around the world gain insights at the boffin’s ideas workshops and have the opportunity there to experience live operation of applications at close proximity


palamides USA Inc. was established, inititally in New Jersey, to provide technical support for the machines already sold in the USA. In 2008 they relocated to Dittrich, Illinois. With its 5 employees, palamides USA is a successful and reliable partner for the service and maintenance of automatic deliveries. As the most important band supplier of the North American printing industry, palamides USA Inc was able to establish themselves in only 2 years.


Development of the delta Automatic Delivery and its first presentation at drupa 2004. Now, a large format range matched to common print sizes can be processed with a higher degree of user friendliness and significantly better running performance


palamides’ first appearance at drupa2000 is a terrific success. The first BA700 delivery, designed for processing CD booklets (signatures) in multiple-up work, is on display. The beta web delivery, which is designed for efficient processing of self-mailers on inline finishing lines, is the first fully automatic delivery that can process the most diverse formats at high speed.


Cooperation with MBO to distribute the BA700 in North America. Outstanding success with 30 machines sold during Graph Expo in Chicago. Outsourcing of machine production in a separate manufacturing facility. The first 4 members of staff are employed.


Introduction of the BA66 automatic delivery with package lift at DRUPA ’95. First collaboration on their own authority with partners Bauman, MAN Roland and Steuber.


Introduction of a first prototype at DRUPA 1990 through partners MBO. Cooperation with MBO, who want to market the machines worldwide in future.


Initial developments by Stefano Palamides on the way to the Automatic Delivery.


Aldo and Stefano Palamides enter the company. One year later, the headquarters moves from Stuttgart to Renningen. palamides Papierverarbeitung GbR is a reliable partner for many reputable printers in Southern Germany.


Founding of specialist folders, Krämer und Palamides GbR, in Stuttgart.
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