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palamides - A success story

For more than 20 years, palamides GmbH has been the first address for automatic deliveries. Whether on saddle stitchers, folding machines, printing machines with connected finishing lines or inserters - palamides has the right solution:

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Thanks to outstanding employees, renowned sales partners and agencies at home and abroad, palamides is today the market leader in the areas of automatic deliveries and stacking deliveries.

Jan Oldenkott, International marketing manager


It all began at palamides Papierverarbeitungs GmbH, which was founded in 1972 as a paper folding company in Stuttgart. The company headquarters were moved to Renningen in 1985. Influenced by the practical experience of the daily changing requirements in parental operation, Stefano Palamides developed the first automated delivery to streamline the work processes at the folding machine and saddle stitcher. After the system proved to be very effective in its own company, palamides GmbH began to sell the deliveries and changed the company's purpose from bookbinding to mechanical engineering in 1997.


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Not only in the area of automatic deliveries is palamides a leader in technology. Since 2003 palamides has been offering a stacker which has set new standards in terms of ergonomics, efficiency and quality. This pile delivery is also capable of reliably delivering sensitive print products without marking and at high speeds without damaging the staff. Important sales partners are Heidelberger Druckmaschinen and MBO, which sell this "alpha" stacking delivery in its own colors via international sales channels and guarantee on-site service.

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In 2005 palamidesUSA Inc. was founded in Effingham Illinois as a service point. In the meantime, palamides USA has established itself as a service and sales partner for the whole of America.


Today, palamides deliveries behind many saddle stitchers, folding machines, mailers, digital printing machines, etc. have become indispensable - worldwide. A wide variety of products are controlled, pressed, collected, shaken, counted and temporarily stored fully automatically.


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New and further developments, in cooperation with international users, for practical machines, are constantly implemented using modern operating structures. Highest quality standards and professional service are written "capital" at palamides.


Thanks to outstanding employees, renowned sales partners and agencies at home and abroad, palamides is today the market leader in the areas of "automatic deliveries" and "stacking deliveries".

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German design award 2015 - smartliner receives a Special mention

19. August, 2018 

palamides and defortec awarded the Prize of Prizes


Our smartliner 240 has now been awarded for the third time. After the iF product design award 2014 and the Focus Open 2014, we have now received a Special Mention at the German Design Award for this development. This award, also known as the "Prize of Prizes", enjoys a special reputation in the design industry and is awarded annually by the German Design Council.


In addition to the awards in the categories, a "Special Mention" recognizes works whose design reveals particularly successful partial aspects or solutions. In the jury process, these are products that have received the most points, but in a direct comparison had to be close to the winner products of the respective category. The Special Mention provides companies with a marketing tool for communicating the high product quality to customers and retailers.


The German Design Award is highly regarded and is one of the best-known international design awards, as the German Design Council is one of the leading international centres of excellence for design. We are very happy about this award, because capital goods are rarely awarded with this design prize and thank defortec for their extremely successful work, their trust and the successful and pleasant cooperation.