The Stacking Delivery

alpha - The Stacking Delivery

The alpha was designed as a universal delivery for processing folded brochures, especially signatures.


The products are collected by the machine and the neatly jogged stacks are delivered to a buffer table. The operator removes the ergonomically convenient jogged stack from the delivery table and no longer has to knock-up the products. This means that, even after several hours of production, the folding machine can still run at full production without tiring the operator.
The alpha delivers free of markings, i.e. no smearing of freshly printed products. In order to reduce set-up times the machine sets itself up pretty much automatically (automatic stacker). The pressing unit can be opened at the press of a button, which greatly simplifies press roller cleaning and removal of double sheets.

As the alpha was mainly designed for signatures, the pressing unit is equipped with 3.5 t of pressing force (cumulated). As with all palamides‘ deliveries, the alpha identifies waste and automatically ejects it. Alongside this delivery technology, which has been established for years, palamides have designed a further essential component, “the intelligent output module”, which only forwards book blocks that have been checked for completeness to the subsequent finishing unit (e.g. adhesive binder etc.).

It makes no difference whether it is dealing with a very small edition or mass circulation. Barcodes or registration marks are read and evaluated with the aid of a camera. These codes contain all important information such as: the book title, the number of signatures and which signature is currently being processed. Once the book block is recognized as complete, it is transferred for further processing. If the book block is incomplete, then it is redirected, transferred separately and ejected. Using this top-quality inspection and monitoring technology guarantees that only absolutely perfect book blocks are automatically transferred for further processing. The performance is 900 cycles per hour and benefit. With the alpha500pro (3-up) a maximum of 2,700 cycles and with the alpha700pro (4-up) a maximum of 3,600 cycles can be achieved.

The alpha is also available as an OEM version of HEIDELBERG.

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technical data based on versions

common technical data

min. infeed height 400 mm
max. infeed height 1,000 mm
interface palamides Standard
compressed air comsumption 100 l/min
Issue of the products left
Ø setup time

5-10 minutes (for single-up production)



MBO 24polig, Navigator, M1
Matthias Bäuerle (MB)
Saddle stitcher
Collating machine
Rotative machine
Rotative punching
Other aggregates via stop linkage

Additional information

All kinds of factory prints

Additional information

max. product thickness: 8 mm


Side vibrators can be operated from the outside

Automatic ejection of misfolded sheets

Single sheet processing


automatic waste lock

format control

cup holders

Dispensing table with storage compartments and externally operable driving rollers

Adjusting the side vibration from the outside

pressing station

vibrating device

Automatic ejection of misfolded sheets

automatic format control

automatic set-up in running direction

antistatic device

separating module

stack leveling



suitable for inline processing

edge control

Pivotal infeed unit

Small format device


book on demand


with enlarged puffer table


Working with the alpha delivery


Introduction by Stefano Palamides (EN)


Customer reference of Druckerei Mack GmbH & Co. KG