Automatic Delivery


delta - Automatic Delivery

With the new automatic delta delivery the focus is on higher productivity with lower personnel costs. Sturdy, easy-to-handle stacks ensure effective removal to subsequent processing machines.
The delta is primarily a fully automatic delivery system, which streamlines the production process. Here, rationalisation is key, not bundling the packages. By using a delta at a folding machine only one operator will be required. Also, at saddle stitchers, one person can remove the stack cost-effectively even with 2-up or 3-up production and all at full running capacity. Handling the packages is quick and easy, even for in-house transfer from the folding machine to the saddle stitcher. The band merely serves as a means of relocating the products quickly, simply and efficiently.

The delta sets new standards for speed, format range and user-friendliness. With its 600 packages per hour per product stream, it puts all previous machines in the shade. With the tandem version up to 3,600 packages per hour can be processed.
Trouble-free sealing of the band is ensured with the sturdy, reliable electronic impulse welding system (EIS). Bundling is only carried out in the shaft in which the products are collected. This patented process ensures that even products which spread out at the binding edge, are slippery and are uneven can be processed neatly.

technical data based on versions

common technical data

min. stack height 400 mm
max. stack height 1050 mm
interface 24-polig
compressed air comsumption 350 l/min
Issue of the products right
in running direction
back to the operator


MBO 24polig, Navigator, M1
Matthias Bäuerle (MB)
Saddle stitcher
Collating machine
Rotative machine
Rotative punching
Other aggregates via stop linkage


separating module

air blast device

edge control

stack leveling

Automatic ejection of misfolded sheets

Single sheet processing




automatic waste lock

format control

cup holders

Output of the products to the left

vibrating device

pressing station

Automatic ejection of misfolded sheets

automatic format control

loop stitch device

suitable for inline processing

selective output table

extended buffer table



antistatic Device

retail package device

tandem module

separating module

air blast device

stack leveling

delta impressions

delta Schuppenstrom DE GB

palamides delta502 with horizon SPF

delta1005 DE GB

Separation module M-240

Einfache Papiertütenverarbeitung mit dem Separiermodul M-240 und der delta

Aufbereitung einer delta703

Reprocessing of a delta703