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gamma - highly efficient and flexible at a low price

With the gamma automatic delivery, you can rely on higher productivity at lower personnel costs. Sturdy, easy-to-handle stacks ensure effective disposal to finishing machines. The gamma is a mobile delivery with a small ground-plan that can be easily set up on folding machines, saddle stitchers, gathering machines, mailers, etc.

Product stacks that slip easily can be strapped automatically with a paper banding. This allows the operator to quickly and efficiently place stacks in cartons or on pallets. Of course, the banding can be switched off at any time to lay out loose stacks.

The gamma is equipped with the proven palamides components and has been designed for companies that have little space and quickly changing jobs. No matter if internet printing or small business. No matter if 4 pages or 10mm booklet. No matter whether with 80,000 flyers/h in double-up or with 3,000 staples in single-up! The products are transferred from the predecessor machine, pressed, counted, measured, stacked, banded on request, and laid out on a buffer table in running direction. The gamma can lay out up to 600 bundles/h per label (total up to 1,200 bundles/h).

The robust and reliable electronic impulse sealing process (EIS) ensures trouble-free sealing of the sleeve. Banding takes place exclusively in the shaft in which the products are collected. This patented process ensures that even products that are strongly applied, smooth and uneven can be processed neatly.


technical data based on versions

common technical data

min. infeed height 500 mm
max. infeed height 1,200 mm
interface 24-polig
compressed air comsumption 350 l/min
Issue of the products straight
Ø setup time

5-10 minutes (for single-up production)



MBO 24polig, Navigator, M1
Matthias Bäuerle (MB)
Saddle stitcher
Collating machine
Rotative machine
Rotative punching
Other aggregates via stop linkage

Additional information

Available as special machine for thick products (2-10mm)

Additional information

Output table is collapsible upwards.


pressing station

format control

Automatic ejection of misfolded sheets

Side vibrators can be operated from the outside

automatic set-up in running direction

Adjusting the side vibration from the outside

automatic format control


automatic waste lock

vibrating device

Automatic ejection of misfolded sheets

antistatic device

air blast device