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Here you can find current stock/used machines in our offer:

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The different categories on our machinery market

Whether used machines with manufacturer's warranty, demonstration machines or new machines available at short notice - there is something for everyone on the palamides machinery market. Thus, well-known palamides quality is not only available immediately or quickly, but also offers an unbeatable price-performance ratio via special prices.

Please read below to find out which advantages the individual machine types offer . Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

When ordering a machine, it makes sense to build a second, identical machine at the same time: the so-called sister machine. These machines are new machines available at short notice, on which you can even have configurations made according to your needs.
From time to time palamides builds demonstration machines for fairs, open houses etc. These machines are quasi new machines – with the latest technology, minimal signs of use and a maximum of 100 hours on the hour meter. For a good price you get a machine as good as new, often with technical equipment beyond the basic equipment.
A used palamides delivery is a tempting alternative to a new machine: our durable machines are still a good investment, even used. Every used machine you buy from palamides has been thoroughly inspected by us and then professionally overhauled. We are so confident in this work that we even give a warranty on the refurbished used machines.
An investment in a palamides delivery usually has the goal of making your own production more efficient. Accordingly, our machines are high-performance machines that usually run in two- or even three-shift operation. That's why the quality of the overhaul is always the most important factor when it comes to a used machine. And who would be better suited for this than those specialists who also build the new machines?
During this professional overhaul, the used machine is completely disassembled so that even permanently installed wear parts can be replaced if necessary. In addition, the machine can be completely cleaned. Software updates are also carried out and technical enhancements - as far as possible - are installed. This means that the used machine leaves the factory with tested factory settings and is up to date in terms of safety and functionality.
You can see how professionally the used machines are reconditioned at palamides in the video at the top right corner of this page.
If you prefer to buy a machine from a used machine dealer, you can obtain the software version, mechanical status and other information about these machines from us using the serial number.