20 years in time with palamides

Tim Hennig 28.06.2019

We at palamides manufacture delivery systems, which is now widely known in the printing industry. However, it is largely unknown that we have also been manufacturing special products such as the timed head module (TK30) for many years.

The palamides timed head module (TK30) was built over 20 years ago in our bookbindery for our own needs and for example is currently used as an OEM product in Hunkeler's perforator module LP6 (Linear Perforation Tool) for perforating 4- or 6-page signatures in the digital sector.

Hunkeler has been using palamides timed head modules for 20 years, e.g. for perforating a paper web to produce book signatures. Depending on the size of the signatures, these timed head modules are dynamically closed and closed and guarantee reliable and consistent perforation for flat and cleanly folded signatures.

Further application examples of the palamides timed head modules are:
- Angle perforations for removable (double) postcards
- Angle cuts for severed corners (punched corners)
- coupon perforation
- Mailings with slot (e.g. for business cards)

The timed head module can also be retrofitted into existing folding machines, mailers, etc. - CLICK HERE for further information.

See the application in video 1 (timed head modules at 1:16 min.).

Video 2 (timed head modules at TC: 00:50)

On the pictures you can see (from top to bottom) the timed head module and its components, the timed head module within the application and finally the finished product from the "Flyfolder book solution with SD7" by hunkeler.