Headache due to lack of staff on collating machine with inline stitching?


The increasing production speed of collating machines with inline stitching is putting more and more focus on the human factor. The problem has so far been more familiar with high-speed folding machines or saddle stitchers. Either a great deal of manpower has to be deployed to achieve high speeds, or the speed has to be throttled back. In addition, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get people interested in this type of work. The gamma501 is now available to counteract this problem for collating machines as well. 

A number of progressive printers have already recognized this and have converted and optimized their production accordingly.

Peter Molnar

“The main reason we bought the gamma was a shortage of staff and the possibility of saving staff associated with the gamma. With the machine, we have managed to reduce the number of operators from two to one. In addition, we have even increased the production speed with the help of the gamma. The gamma is clearly noticeable in our company and has increased the efficiency of our production in cooperation with the upstream i-saddle.“

Peter Wiesendanger

“We were looking for a flexible delivery that could be used on saddle stitchers as well as on collating and folding machines in a mobile way. So we bought a palamides gamma502 about two years ago. We now use this on a mobile basis on all our machines and it meets all our requirements. The best thing about it is actually that we can now save ourselves a person at the delivery, especially on the collating machines. The gamma has met all our expectations.“

Joana Wegele

„We decided on the palamides gamma because it is small and compact and therefore suits us perfectly. We now work 20 percent faster and with one person less. For us, it has definitely already paid off. You can adjust the gamma very quickly, which is why it's also great for shorter editions. We are more than happy.“

The gamma 501 is a variant of the proven gamma502 that has been optimized for collating machines. The focus while developing was on simple setup and operation. When a job is changed, the machine adjusts itself automatically as far as possible. In most cases, the operator only has to underlay the press rolls and adjust the side joggers to the product. Now just enter the desired number of pieces and off you go. How this works can be seen in the video.
For all its simplicity. The gamma is mechanically and electrically based on the proven automatic delivery delta. A unique feature is the possibility to choose at any time between stacking with or without banding. The motorized discharge in conjunction with the pile conveyor makes this function possible for almost all products.
The managing director of Theisen & Bonitz finds clear arguments in favor of the gamma as well:

Achim Theisen

„We have been producing collating machines with brochure stitching for many years now. In recent years, a new standard has emerged with mostly 20 stations (80-page booklets). These new machines are fully automated at speeds of up to 5,500 cycles per hour.

This is something that cannot be managed any longer by hand at the delivery. That is why we recommend a palamides to our customers for many years now. The palamides ensures that the material comes out of our machine well stacked and makes it easier for the customer to pack it afterwards. This saves an enormous amount of working time and is almost impossible to manage by hand at these speeds.

20 stations may also mean an 80-page brochure. When these leave the machine at the required speed, manual stacking and banding is actually no longer manageable without a palamides.With higher speed as well as thicker products, the palamides can eliminate the bottleneck that occurs at the delivery.“

And despite all the specialization for collating machines; the gamma501 is still universally applicable. It can be used behind a classic folding machine or a saddle stitcher at any time. A wide range of upgradeable options also ensures customer safety: if the application changes, the gamma is simply used behind a folding machine or a saddlestitcher. With the gamma501, you, like our customers Molnar, Wiesendanger and Wegele, can relief your personnel situation and increase your performance.

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