The new gamma generation - versatile, user-friendly and mobile

Tim Hennig 22.09.2020

The small delivery has been further automated and can now be changed over and adjusted even faster. Only the side joggers are still adjusted by hand. An automatic shaft adjustment supports the set-up for new formats and shortens the time required for this enormously. The touch color display provides better visibility and at the same time more convenient operation. This makes the mobility of the machine particularly useful, as it can now be adjusted even more flexibly at the rear.

New options

The new gamma-pro has even more interesting optional extras:

- the machine is available with an increased infeed (standard: 650 mm - 1000 mm - optional 760 mm - 1270 mm), so that it can be easily extended to collating machines such as Theisen and Bonitz, MKW etc.

- the gamma can also be equipped with a third benefit: gamma503pro

- a narrower banding tape (30 mm instead of the usual 50 mm) can now be used. This narrower banding tape opens up the possibility to lay out even smaller formats.

With the gamma502pro and gamma503pro, even formats from 56 mm x 75 mm (infeed width x infeed length) can be processed with the combination of the options "small format device" and "30 mm banding tape"!

More performance, less energy

By using the latest components such as highly efficient motors and low-loss control technology, the gamma-pro can save up to 15% energy*.
*In comparison to the gamma.

More adaptable

The completely new software has a further improved user guidance and is more open for new interfaces. For the connection to horizon machines, a separate series, the gamma502ho, was even created (only available from Horizon). Not only do the machines communicate ideally with each other, they also blend in perfectly with the visual image.
Operators who are already familiar with other palamides deliveries will be able to work with the gamma-pro very quickly and use it efficiently.

Make an appointment with us and convince yourself of our latest machine generation. Perfect stack building has never been so cost-effective.

Background knowledge

The gamma502 has now been on the market for 10 years and has enjoyed greater popularity than initially expected, especially in recent years. While palamides initially intended it primarily to fill the gaps in the areas of digital printing and frequently changing jobs and short runs, a much wider range of applications has now emerged and the gamma - just like the delta-pro - has been used successfully in almost every type of production. In the meantime, even large companies have discovered the optimization qualities of the gamma - it is a real workhorse in the usual palamides quality.

It was designed for companies with limited space and quickly changing orders. Regardless of whether it is an Internet print shop or a small business - the gamma-pro can be combined with almost all machines (folding machines, saddlestitchers, collators, mailers, etc.). With its wide range of formats, it reliably forms stacks and places them at an ergonomic height for easy removal by the operator. This increases productivity, as the operator no longer has to interrupt production when he moves away from the machine for secondary tasks. Meanwhile, production can continue at full speed and the gamma-pro neatly buffers the many product stacks on the delivery table.