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With a new technology for adhesive bindings in the smartliner240, palamides breaks completely new ground.

The so-called smartflat® technology means that adhesive bindings can be bound in an environmentally friendly way and a perfectly "lay-flat" is achieved. In addition, almost all paper qualities and gramatures can be processed.

The innovative smartflat® technology processes the spine of the book quite differently from conventional perfect binders. The smartflat spine processing enables the individual pages to be firmly anchored with the new hydrosive adhesive "SF100". For the first time, this combination gives the book spine its unique flexibility and high stability combined with the coveted lay-flat.


Conventional binding methods:

Perfect binders that use hot glue or PUR mill the book block and usually provide it with notches to increase the contact surface for the adhesive. After milling, the book block is guided over a glue roller or glue nozzle and provided with a cover. The binding result also has a high tensile strength, as it is held in place by the clamping effect in the spine. The impact behaviour of books from these binding processes is often criticised. In addition, the production of these books is very energy-intensive and partly associated with the release of toxic vapours.


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German design award 2015 - smartliner receives a Special mention

19. August, 2018 

palamides and defortec awarded the Prize of Prizes


Our smartliner 240 has now been awarded for the third time. After the iF product design award 2014 and the Focus Open 2014, we have now received a Special Mention at the German Design Award for this development. This award, also known as the "Prize of Prizes", enjoys a special reputation in the design industry and is awarded annually by the German Design Council.


In addition to the awards in the categories, a "Special Mention" recognizes works whose design reveals particularly successful partial aspects or solutions. In the jury process, these are products that have received the most points, but in a direct comparison had to be close to the winner products of the respective category. The Special Mention provides companies with a marketing tool for communicating the high product quality to customers and retailers.


The German Design Award is highly regarded and is one of the best-known international design awards, as the German Design Council is one of the leading international centres of excellence for design. We are very happy about this award, because capital goods are rarely awarded with this design prize and thank defortec for their extremely successful work, their trust and the successful and pleasant cooperation.