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smartliner240 - perfect binder

With smartflat technology for the production of lay-flat perfect bindings, the smartliner240 from palamides offers completely new possibilities.


This means that perfect bindings can be bound in an environmentally friendly way while achieving perfectly flat lay-flat behavior. In addition, almost all paper qualities and gramatures can be processed.

The innovative smartflat technology processes the spine of the book quite differently from conventional perfect binders. The smartflat spine processing enables the individual pages to be firmly anchored with the new hydrosive adhesive "SF100". This combination gives the book spine for the first time high and unique flexibility, stability and the coveted lay-flat.

Conventional binding methods:
Perfect binders that use hot glue or PUR mill the book block and usually provide it with notches to increase the contact surface for the adhesive. After milling, the book block is guided over a glue roller or glue nozzle and provided with a cover. The binding result also has a high tensile strength, as it is held in place by the clamping effect in the spine. The impact behaviour of books from these binding processes is often criticised. In addition, the production of these books is very energy-intensive and partly associated with the release of toxic vapours.

The smartliner240 is equipped with pliers into which the book blocks are inserted by hand. The tongs guide the book block at constant speed via specially developed smartflat components for innovative spine preparation. An important component of the smartflat technology is the hydrosive adhesive "SF100" which is applied from a closed system via application nozzles. The automatic cover feeder can hold several covers. The automatic bar creasing, with which up to 4 creases can be set, has a simple but clever moistening unit. The cover is placed on the spine of the book from below and from the side via a pressure plate. The uncut products dry in the automated book delivery. After approx. 5 minutes they have reached the required stability and can be removed.

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compressed air comsumption 130 l/min
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Book can be opened up to 360°, book binding of small (very) editions - suitable for all qualities of paper

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Environmentally friendly and immediately ready for use (no heat-up time)


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