time perforation

folding machine extension


time perforation, timed cutting, timed grooves

Answer postcards with perforation, mailings with slot for business cards and much more...

If you want to offer your customers additional services, the timed head module is the ideal solution! As a flexible tool it can be retrofitted into your folding machine, where the timed head module of your folding machine can deliver a whole package of additional options: time perforation, angular perforation, timed cutting and timed grooves. The prerequisite is that your folding machine is equipped with an upstream knife shaft.

TK 30 creates partial perforations or slits that can otherwise only be produced in a separate printing unit or in a die cutter. In addition, this combination opens the way to higher-value finishing techniques such as the application of adhesives. The overall concept of the TK 30 timed head module makes it clear that it was developed from practical experience for practical use. Our know-how and efficient partners enable us to offer you complete support from conception to user-oriented training.