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Our advisor for used machines

A used palamides delivery is a tempting alternative to the new machine!

We would like to share a few tips here to save you an expensive disappointment.

Please take this 3 minutes to read our tips.

If you are looking for a used palamides delivery, whether you are looking for a used delta703, used delta502, used delta705, used delta1005, used BA700, used BA900, you have to make your production more efficien.

Customers who bought this delivery a few years ago also had this goal. Most of our machines are in 2 and 3-shift operation and have worked a lot.

In the past few months we have often experienced that a used palamides has been acquired cheaply and then cause a lot of trouble and high costs for spare parts, service technician hours, travelling times, production downtime, etc. Hence a few tips:


Hour counter specifications

An hour counter does not exist in the BA-series. In the control of the deltas/alpha there is an hour counter of the control. However, if the CPU has been changed once, the counter is zero again.


The deltas until 2007 have old software-version that contains certain bugs. A software upgrade is connected to rewiring in the control cabinet. BA700s with year of construction 2000 and older has a control unit for which spare parts are no longer available. Conversion to the newer control system is possible, but costs about 12.000€ in our factory, as large list of parts of the electrical system have to be replaced. BA700s built in 2001 or later already have the newer (module) control system , but should have the new software. In the meantime, there are also bottlenecks in certain components of these controllers; for example, the processor for this controller is no longer manufactured. (This is similar to a 16MB memory stick. 15 years ago was the state of the art - today these memory sticks are no longer manufactured).

Mechanical versions

The BA700 and the delta have passed through certain mechanical stages. The deltas, built at the end of 2013, are very mature, reliable machines due to permanent further developments. Older machines still are on the early level,  some of them have already been converted by us.


For our deliveries, regular maintenance (at 3-shift operation once a year) is highly recommended. Frequently these maintenance is not carried out, which means that especially the wear parts are worn out. These wear parts have a major influence on whether a machine runs reliably or not. These wear parts are not to be seen from the outside of used machines but are built into the machine.


Please pay attention to the correct interface to your folding machines. Otherwise, the machines will not be able to run in a network, which greatly impairs the safety and reliability of the system. The interfaces are a science in themselves, since machine version, software version, etc. must be considered.



We do not recommend that you buy a machine seen on photos or in real but without seeing the machine in production. We recommend that you get a quote for a used machine from us. We start with fair prices and reliable machines with warranty.

If you would prefer to purchase a machine from a used machine dealer, you can obtain the software version, mechanical status and other information on these machines from us with the help of the serial number.

We are happy to advise you! Please contact us if you have questions.