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Envelope Delivery of large formats C5 - B4


The cara Envelope Delivery, which delivers personalised envelopes from sizes C5 to B4 fully automatically, is one of a new generation of deliveries from palamides. The most diverse sizes and types of envelopes are aligned, identifi ed, stacked, labelled, strapped and delivered to a buffer table, all fully automatically. The whole process runs very efficiently and ensures that human intervention is scarcely necessary.
Using high quality components, together with innovative drive and transport technologies, guarantees reliability, even with the most diverse of formats and envelopes. Output is up to 10,000 envelopes/h. An extremely precise camera recognition system and the most modern of sensor technologies ensures that even the smallest of envelope bundles is assembled, strapped and delivered. As an option, the stack can also be cross-strapped. The fi nely tuned adjustments to the strap tension
for diverse package heights also occurs fully automatically.

The air is smoothed out of
the envelopes by a special
smoothing unit.
  Large buffer table with adjustable tilt angle  Fully automatic strapping with a patented minimal quantity process, up to 2,000 packages/h (1.8 sec)
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