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The Web Delivery is not being produced anymore

omega – The Web Delivery

The omega web delivery was specifically developed for efficient operation behind finishing lines. As production has to run as cost-effectively as possible, the delivery is an essential part of the whole installation. The omega receives the shingled stream out of the rotary trimmer. With two streams, two omega deliveries can be placed parallel, using the integrated and patented roller infeed table. On request, the products are pressed, discharged of static (so that a tidy stack can be formed), aligned and conveyed to the collection shaft. The products are passed neatly and reliably into the collection shaft, using the ingenious shingle stream stabilisers. The products do not simply fall there, but are guided in a controlled manner.

Even asymmetrically folded products can be jogged into neat stacks, using the four integrated batch level rails. When the required amount of products is reached, the shingled streams are momentarily interrupted by a system that was specially developed by palamides for this. The delivery can form a stack every 3 seconds and then press it and bundle it if required. The packages are laid ready for the operator on a buffer section so that they can be simply and ergonomically removed. Thus, the delivery enables operation at the finishing line with low personnel costs at full running speed so that production can be kept as low priced as possible.


  • Automatic shingled stream control
  • Antistatic air blast device
  • Waste sheet ejector
  • Quick set-up mode through semiautomatic set-up
  • Product stability device
  • Shingle stream air blast device
  • Stacking level compensation
  • Jogging device
  • Shingled stream counter
  • Product upper slider
  • Large format range
  • Suitable for inline processing
  • Ergonomic and soft on the joints pile removal
  • Swivelling operation controls
  • Mobile applicable
  • Automatic high performance bundler
  • Simple handling of the packages
  • High cycle time
Product upper slider guides the products safely into the stacking channel.  Patented shingle stream control unit  Two stream production can be executed with two omegas.
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