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smartliner with smartflat technology


With new technology for perfect binding, palamides is now treading a new path.  . 

The so-called smartflat technology means that books can be bound in an environmentally friendly way and, at the same time, can lay perfectly flat when flipped open.  In addition, almost all types of paper and grammage can be processed.  

Our perfect binder won in 2014 the IF Product Design Award and in 2013 the Enviromental technic award of the German Gouvernment in Baden Württemberg.






Environmental friendly and cost saving Cookery books lay flat on the kitchen table and do not need to be held down by any weights.
Atlases or Road maps lay open and the map is visible right to the spine.
 No clamping effect at the spine. The book lays flat on the table. Panoramic holiday pictures in fotobooks no longer have to be pressed flat.
Music books remain open on the music stand and no longer fall closed on their own.
 The hydrosive adhesive is impressive because of its flexibility Paperbacks can be held with ease in one hand and can be read in a hammock. Pages of instruction manuals no longer turn on their own and hands are free to operate the device
Text books no longer have to be pressed down onto the glass when copying.
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