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Dynamic Separation Platform

Brings Industry 4.0 capabilities including processing variable data print to the palamides pro series deliveries

The Dynamic Separation Platform (DSP) is a toolkit enabling palamides pro series deliveries to process variable data print (VDP) jobs, making the pro series Industry 4.0-capable. Individual solutions for a wide range of requirements are made possible from an extensive component portfolio. The solutions are built from various delivery types, mechanical and electronic modules and software packages.

With the DSP toolkit, you can seamlessly integrate VDP into your postpress operations, enabling efficient processing of personalized print products. The advanced barcode technology and information processing capabilities of DSP ensure accurate tracking, sorting and stacking of variable data print jobs, resulting in precise and error-free production.


  • Industry 4.0 capabilities for variable data printing (VDP)
  • Modular design with mechanical and electronic modules
  • Networks digital print production with downstream processes
  • Precisely stacks and separates variably printed products
  • Checks and completes, ejects faulty or incomplete stacks, marks and labels
  • Transmits read information and calculation results to a customer's IT system
  • Optimizes production processes through automation and quality assurance
  • Enables communication and data exchange with equipment in the production process
One key benefit of DSP is solving the challenges of product tracking and precise separation. DSP uses three mechanisms offering different configurations:
1. The Signal Transmission
In order to trigger the stack separation, an initial signal is required. In the smallest configuration (no evaluation and control options), a 24VDC signal is sufficient. However, if additional checks shall be performed or if further processes (check stack for completeness, etc.) shall be triggered based on the information, it is necessary to work with a barcode that contains the required information about the product and the stack. The barcode does not have to be visible during the entire process.
2. The Stack Separation
Variable processing of print products requires very precise separation of the product stacks. Depending on the speed, the separation device only has a few milliseconds to separate at exactly the right point. For this reason, the "gap maximization" module is available for high-speed production at speeds of 8,000 ex/h and above. For slower speeds, the normal single-sheet delivery of the machine is usually sufficient.
3. The Processing of Information
Often, products not only have to be spatially separated from each other, but also have to be inspected, evaluated or controlled. By using information contained in a barcode, numerous possibilities arise: With the help of the DSP, the delivery can ensure completeness within a stack by either signaling incomplete stacks, rejecting them with the necessary additional module, or in the case of sequential production- even completing them. Information can also be forwarded to external devices.
By maximizing efficiency with variable print data, DSP offers a wide range of possibilities to grow, optimize and specialize workflows- providing our customers with better opportunities to be more successful.

Technology for Success

Industry 4.0

DSP provides the connection necessary for the real implementation of Industry 4.0 through management of variable data print jobs. After a successful production process, production and product data are collected, converted and made available in an uncomplicated, simple manner.

Universal solution

DSP evaluates production data and optimizes manufacturing. Track and precisely separate individually printed products. Process data and control downstream processes. Standardized DSP modules make this and much more possible.

Powerful & tested

DSP bring the power of palamides individual consulting and custom solutions to all customers. It is the logical evolution from a multitude of individual projects and years of experience solving individual customer challenges. DSP custom solutions benefit in terms of predictable implementation times, costs and reliability.

  • Introduction

dsp Introduction

Welcome to the palamides Dynamic Separation Platform (DSP) animation video. In this video, we showcase how DSP brings Industry 4.0 capabilities to the palamides pro series deliveries, revolutionizing the print production process. With its modular design, DSP enables the precise stacking, separation and processing of variable data printing (VDP) products, while optimizing production processes through automation and quality assurance. By integrating DSP into palamides automated deliveries, machines become data hubs, allowing for efficient data evaluation, processing, and communication.

Data Hub

Integrating DSP into palamides automated deliveries turns machines into data hubs. Precise separating, marking, completing and much more is possible. In addition, data can be evaluated, processed and communicated.


DSP is flexible - its configuration is based on individual customer needs, specifically helping a customer achieve greater efficiency and productivity. DSP incorporate features and functionalities in the customized toolbox for the unique requirements of a customer. DSP has a modular design and networks digital print production with all downstream processes used on almost all production machines.


DSP helps palamides customers improve their profitability by increasing production capacity, reducing material losses, improving customer service and delivery lead times, achieving higher employee satisfaction and reducing environmental impact.

Digital Excellence

DSP manages to efficiently eliminate many delays and disruptions behind production machines. By making maximum use of existing information, automating previously manual processes and permanent quality assurance, production processes can be optimized both actively and passively.

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