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Small footprint, flexible delivery

The gamma increases productivity while reducing operational costs

With the gamma pro automatic delivery, expect higher productivity with lower operating costs. It offers a solution to having a limited number of operators, allowing one operator to handle production at full capacity. Sturdy, easy-to-handle stacks ensure effective transport to finishing machines. The gamma has a small footprint and is mobile. It can be set up quickly on folding machines, saddle stitching machines, gathering machines, mailers, etc.

Trouble-free sealing of bands is ensured with the sturdy, reliable electronic impulse welding system (EIS). This patented process ensures even products that spread out at the binding edge or are slippery or uneven can be processed neatly and efficiently, placed in stacks in cartons or on pallets. By automating the delivery process, the gamma can increase productivity and efficiency, leading to a quick return on investment and motivated employees.

Technology for Success

Operator optimized

Operator optimized

The gamma delivers cleanly jogged stacks to a large buffer table, giving the operator enough time to check the quality of the production and pack stacks in folding cartons or on pallets.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

In conjunction with the Dynamic Separation Platform (DSP), the gamma provides operational data, dynamically separates book blocks of different sizes, marks and controls downstream processes. The broad, diverse interface solutions combined with DSP, allows the gamma to communicate with almost any production machine.

Performance increase

Performance increase

Whether folding products, greeting cards, brochures or mailings - the gamma can be set up to process jobs quickly and fits perfectly into the workflow of digital finishers as well as printers.

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  • Example

Introduction Video

This video showcases our revolutionary gamma automated delivery system.

Designed to streamline your production process, the gamma is the ideal solution for handling various printed materials such as leaflets, flyers, saddle-stitched products and greeting cards.

With an impressive production speed of 20,000 A4 4-page pieces per hour, packed in convenient bundles of 50 to 300 pieces, the gamma ensures efficient and high-volume output to meet your demanding needs.


Watch our set-up video to see how the gamma automated delivery system revolutionizes your production process with efficiency and flexibility.

Setting up the gamma is easy. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, you can quickly configure the system to meet your specific requirements. The gamma's mobile and height-adjustable delivery ensures a smooth and efficient product infeed process, connecting seamlessly with your existing equipment.


Discover the unmatched flexibility of the gamma. Whether you're using folding machines, saddle stitching machines, gathering machines, mailers, or other equipment, the gamma adapts seamlessly to your needs, ensuring efficient handling of diverse projects.

The gamma stands out for its user-friendly operation. With intuitive controls and a straightforward interface, a single person can easily operate the system. From quick setup to streamlined production, the gamma optimizes your workflow, saving you valuable time and resources.


Banding or no banding- the operator can enter the desired quantity via a touch display and decide whether the stacks should be banded or not. The counted stacks (banded or loose) are buffered on the output table and can be easily moved by the operator.

Small footprint

Thanks to its clever design, the gamma-pro is a small, maneuverable and fully automated delivery. The delivery can be rolled from the folding machine to booklet production quickly.

Less waste with waste lock

Individual print products outside the tolerance range are automatically ejected and not counted. Using the gamma’s waste lock option, if more than three products in a row are not within the tolerance range, the gamma stops production. The gamma prevents too much waste from being produced, improving customers’ sustainability profile.

Easy to connect

The gamma delivery is mobile and height-adjustable at the product infeed. It can be easily set up and connected behind a folding machine, saddle stitcher or gathering machine for the efficient production of brochures, flyers, greeting cards or other printed materials.


Compact, robust, easy to operate and productive, even with short runs. The gamma works at the speed of production machines with only one operator.

Flexible, fast and efficient- the gamma at Norbert Wegele Papierverarbeitung

Joana Wegele of Norbert Wegele Papierverarbeitung shares how the gamma brought more efficiency with less costs.


"The gamma 502pro has worked great for us. With the constant lack of staff to help with our folders, the gamma 502pro has taken what was a two-person job and made it a one-person job as intended. It would have been hard to keep our customer as happy with us without the palamides."

Chris Wiczek
Bindery Manager at Burton & Mayer, Inc.

"Using the gamma-pro eliminated the bottleneck in the delivery area. Thanks to its compactness, it can be changed over from the folding machine to our booklet-making line within a very short time. Regardless of whether it's long runs, different uses, or piece-precise bundling - with the gamma from palamides, none of this is a problem anymore. This makes it the ideal complement for our orders, machinery and employees. And best of all, we no longer have any air in our cartons. The perfect decision for our company and products."

Michael Gugelfuß
Management Druck & Medien Zipperlen GmbH

"The main reason why we bought the gamma was a lack of staff and the possibility to save on personnel costs. With the machine, we reduced the number of operators from two to one. In addition, with the help of gamma, we increased our production speed."

Peter Molnar
Management Satz & Druck Molnar

"We were looking for a flexible delivery to use on saddle stitchers as well as on collating and folding machines. The gamma502 met all our requirements. We now use the gamma on a mobile basis on all our machines and it meets all our requirements. The best thing is we can now one less person at the delivery."

Peter Wiesendanger
Mangement Wiesendanger medien GmbH

"We chose the palamides gamma because it is small and compact and it fits in perfectly. We now work 20 percent faster with one person less. For us, it has already paid off. You can adjust the gamma very quickly, which is why it's also great for shorter runs."

Joana Wegele
Norbert Wegele Papierverarbeitung

"To keep up with the new standard in collating machines, we have been recommending to our customers for many years that they place a delivery from palamides behind them. The palamides ensure materials come out of our machine well bundled, making subsequent packing easier for customers. This saves an enormous amount of working time and almost impossible to process by hand at these speeds. The palamides can eliminate the bottleneck created by higher speeds and thicker products at the delivery."

Achim Theisen
Management Theisen & Bonitz GmbH
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