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Perfect layfalt binding

With smartflat technology for the production of flat-opening books, the smartliner240 offers completely new possibilities and unique characteristics for perfect binding that cannot be achieved with conventional hotmelt bindings.

With smartliner240 books can be bound in an environmentally friendly, energy-efficient way while achieving a perfect layflat opening. Almost all paper qualities and grammage can be processed. The result is a unique user experience with the potential for the palamides smartflat to be the most popular perfect binding technique in the future. It is in no way comparable to adhesive binding processes currently on the market.

The smartliner240 is a single-clamp perfect binder with a cover feeder, creasing and moistening station, and book stack delivery with a compact, ergonomic buffer. Its powerful, efficient drives and control components provide more ways to enhance each binding project.

  • The smartliner240 offers the possibility to produce layflat books of outstanding quality in an environmentally friendly way.
  • smartflat redefines the user experience with true layflat of book pages.
  • The smartflat technology achieves maximum material efficiency, saves energy and reduces the burden on the operator by eliminating toxic fumes.

The smartliner240 offers the possibility to produce quality, creative layflat books. The smartflat technology is different from known adhesive binding processes. It allows books to achieve a perfectly layflat opening. Almost all paper qualities and grammage can be processed. The possibilities for layflat books are endless.

Technology for Success


Work environmentally friendly and avoid toxic fumes with the water-based hydrosive adhesive, it provides maximum material efficiency and minimum energy consumption.


The smartliner240 can be set up mainly automatically and is immediately ready for use without warming up. The simple operation and clean up of the machine also save valuable time.


Create a new user experience for cookbooks, photo books, music books, textbooks, novels, annual reports and more thanks to a wide variety of paper options.

  • Introduction

smartliner Introduction

This video showcases the palamides GmbH smartliner240 Perfect Binding Machine and the revolutionary smartflat technology offering new possibilities for perfect binding. The smartliner240 achieves a perfect layflat opening for books, providing an exceptional user experience. Witness the positive customer reaction to this innovative technique, which allows for environmentally friendly, energy-efficient binding and the production of high-quality layflat books.

Discover how the smartliner240 can redefine your binding projects and open up endless possibilities for creative and sustainable book production.


The low-viscosity formulation of the adhesive allows deep penetration into the exposed fibers, resulting in an extremely stable sheet anchorage of each side to the cover, enabling high sheet tensile strength.


The smartflat cold glue binding is eco-friendly, efficient and requires minimal waste handling. With low adhesive consumption and no toxic materials, waste is minimal and requires no special disposal. Customers appreciate the sustainable, high-quality advantage of smartflat-produced books.

Creative & unique

The smartflat binding method offers unique selling points that set products apart from conventional binding processes. This exclusivity is achieved sustainability at attractive costs, due to the high energy and material efficiency of smartflat.

Customer experience

Opening a smartflat book offers a completely new user experience with pages lying flat and images spanning over double pages without a disturbing curvature in the middle. The Smartliner240 can help create customer loyalty, adding value to a company’s product portfolio and helping printers stand out in a competitive market.

High-quality output

The Smartliner240 produces high-quality perfect binding on books with a wide range of paper qualities and grammage. With clean edges and precise folds, print customers get a professional-looking print project thanks to the exclusive smartflat technology.

"Investing in the smartliner240 was the right decision – there is no doubt about that. A great product comes out of the machine: 100% layflat and with outstanding quality. This is exactly what is demanded on the market at the moment. Every bookbinder needs a machine like the smartliner."

Eli Bassil
Management Bassil Bookbinding

"Our customers are enthusiastic not only because of the good opening behavior but also because of the ecological advantages. With dispersion adhesive and the unique spine processing of the book block, the Flatbind* products achieve great layflat behavior. In addition, durability and resistance to aging are important arguments for using this innovative type of binding. Top binding is a trendsetter for good functionality with great consideration for our environment. Whether soft or hard cover, Flatbind ensures that the book, not the reader, comes out flat."

* Bubu markets products bound with smartflat technology under the name "Flatbind."

Thomas Freitag
Management Bubu AG

„I was convinced by the smartflat technology due to its unique impact behavior combined with the environmentally friendly aspect. Today, only what is sustainable can be contemporary. Future-proof visions can only exist if they take this aspect into account. We at Zipperlen live and work by this guiding principle – and now bind smartflat for our customers.“

Michael Gugelfuß
Management Druck & Medien Zipperlen GmbH

„The result of the binding meets all our expectations. The strength of the binding is excellent, you can hold the book hanging from a single sheet in your hand, even though the book is quite heavy. The opening is phenomenal, the double-sided pictures lie flat in front of you and this results in a very special "viewing experience" with an illustrated book. The customer, as well as booksellers and critics, are thrilled with the workmanship.“

Tobias Neumann
Management Neumann Druck
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